Elyse Marie Lifestyles is an innovative soulful "Interior" design company that offers services to help you design a balanced, inspired and beautiful life from the inside out. Our intention is to create your space to be a sacred sanctuary for your soul with the custom design services and Do-It-Yourself guidance to co-create a life that is fulfilling, creative and joyful.

Strategic Design Partner & Soul Style Coach



The art of living in spaces to thrive in

Awaken, reinvent, and celebrate your life

I am Elyse Santoro, a life design alchemist, artist and educator. I believe that when you are connected and grounded in your soul's purpose and live in an environment that has been designed to support the full expression of your self, your entire life flows and you feel the freedom to create unlimited abundance with your creative gifts and talents.

"Live in a place that elevates your spirit and soul. Experience an Elyse Marie Lifestyles Interior"

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Reconnect with your creative self

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Everyone has a unique story. I help you discover yours through connecting to your soul with creative exploration.