About You

In profiling our ideal client what gives me most joy is that...

  • You appreciate beauty, balance, and harmony.
  • You want to create a Home unlike any other home you have ever had
  • You don’t need to be defined by a particular style but want to know what style your soul resonates with.
  • You want to live in an environment that transports you to a place you love and want to live in everyday.
  • You would like to be involved in the creative journey of designing your Happy Place instead of letting the process be dictated by your designer.
  • You think outside of the Box and love expressing your creativity.
  • You VALUE the impact your space has and understand the importance of Great Design in your future way of living.

About Me

Hello, my name is Elyse and I am a life artist, intentional interior designer and educator who is leading the next movement in designing spaces that help unlock your highest potential and enable you to cultivate your creativity, soul style and vision. We are all artists capable of creating highly personalized, unique environments for us to thrive in.

Born in New York City to a creative holistic family, I now live in Miami and I’m working on creating awareness around Intentional design and how our physical environments play a critical role in creating and sustaining our body, mind and spirit connection.

As an innovative forward-thinking designer, I help change the way you live and work in all of your environments. My life long study of human psychology, and a 10-year cultivation in the spiritual study of Tibetan Buddhism, I have pioneered the field of combining interiors with metaphysical life design.

I believe that good design happens when a person is able to connect with the authentic self and not just ridged mainstream design standards.

I help you abandon any limiting beliefs that keep you from living in the environments that you dream of.